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or not davis has diplomatic immunity which the u.s. claim he does. >>> president obama and several other world leaders are now questioning decisions by egyptian president hosni mubarak to remain in power. >> in the speech delivered yesterday on al-jazeera, he says he had no intentions of stepping down until september. ines ferre is there. >> reporter: promising the biggest demonstration yet. their anger and frustration only intensified thursday following the latest refusal to step down by president hosni mubarak. >> i have seen that it's required to delegate the powers and authorities of the president to the vice president. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands had poured into the streets hoping to witness history. but instead, mubarak pledged to transfer some power to his vice president and remain in office until september. after the initial shock, came outrage. protestors waved their shoed in the air, chanting in arabic leave, leave, the vice president told them to go home later. after the speech, president obama openly questioned the shift of power in a written statement and also urged officia
lady says the commander in chief has kicked the habit. michelle obama said the president has quit smoking. >> but will he be able to continue being smoke-free? ines ferre has more. >> reporter: it is one decision that seems to have everybody on president obama's side. >> even though i'm a republican, go obama. >> i think it is great. >> after spending decades as a smoker, the president is no longer lighting up. his wife, michelle obama, revealed tuesday that her husband hasn't had a cigarette in almost a year. white house spokesman robert gibbs says the president was able to quit with the help of the first lady and aides who also stopped smoking. >> when somebody decides to quit smoking to try to overcome the physical addiction that they have, they do it not just because they want to but because others want them to. >> about 46 million americans smoke and brain research has shown nicotine is powerfully addictive. three out of four smokers who try to quit relapse within six months. even president obama admitted in 2009 to taking the occasional puff. >> have i fallen off the wagon s
responsibility and step aside and get the country to move on. >> reporter: obama administration is optimistic egypt will soon find a peaceful resolution and that the country will continue to move forward as a strong american ally. >> i have confidence if egypt moves in an orderly transition process that we will have a government in egypt that we can work with. >> reporter: in an interview with fox news, president obama said he isn't sure if mubarak will resign soon but one thing is clear. >> egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom, they want free and fair elections. >> reporter: as of now, mubarak has no intention of giving up power until his term expires in september. >>> local businesses are keeping a close eye on the unrest in egypt. some companies in maryland have trade partnership with the mood letter earn nation -- middle eastern nation. >>> wikileaks founder is due in a courtroom today fighting extradition to sweden. his lawyers plan to argue if he is extradited, he could face execution in the united states. the 39-year-old has infuriated american
bridge and the wilson bridge. we'll update you at 4:40. back to you. >> thank you, monika. >>> the obama administration is negotiating with egypt for the immediate resignation of hosni mubarak and the formation of an interim government. >> the talks come as antimubarak protests escalate in the streets of cairo and other egyptian cities as well and with more on what egyptians are calling the friday of departure. >> reporter: this is the day protestors want president hosni mubarak gone for good. they've declared it the day of departure and plan to march to his palace by the masses demanding his immediate resignation. mubarak says he wants to quit but fears that would bring more chaos to the country. for a second straight day thursday, opponents and supporters of the regime squared off. egyptian troops created a buffer zone between the two sides. but it didn't last long. even for doctors treating the wounded, the mission is personal. >> i will not leave this place until president mubarak go away. or i will die in this place. >> reporter: the obama administration is reportedly talking with e
toff rouse has more on what this ruling means for the obama administration. >> reporter: the latest blow to healthcare reform came from this federal courthouse in florida. judge roger vincent struck down the overhaul plan as unconstitutional. saying the government exceeded its authority by requiring americans buy health insurance or pay a penalty. governors and attorneys general from 26 states launched their legal challenge to healthcare reform just hours after president obama signed it into law. the group almost all republicans, made its case in judge vincent's courtroom last december. >> the judge understands what most americans understand and that is that our constitution ensures there are limitations on congressional power. >> in his 78-page ruling, judge vincent said because the individual mandate to buy insurance is unconstitutional and not severable, the entire act must be declared void. the patient protection and affordable care act aims to expand insurance coverage to millions of americans. while reigning in healthcare costs. the obama administration has maintained it has t
, president obama called the bloodshed outrageous and unacceptable. he's sending secretary of state hillary clinton to geneva next week for international talks aimed at stopping the violence. >>> today in annapolis, maryland, most state senators are expected to say i do when it comes to supporting a gay marriage bill. >> if the bill passes, it would then move on to the house. passage there is also considered likely. today's vote comes one day after hawaii approved same sex civil unions which grants gay partners the same rights as married couples. the maryland vote comes one day after the obama administration said it will no longer defend the constitutionality of the defense of marriage act. that's the law which defines marriage as only between a man and a woman. gay rights groups and democrats are praising the decision, leading republicans say the focus right now should be on the economy, not a controversial issue like same sex marriage. >>> the name of the montgomery county police officer who shot a man during a traffic stop is expected to be released today. the confrontation took place on
will testify that i house hearing, just a day after president obama unveiled the $3.7 trillion proposal. >> even as we cut off things we can afford to do without, we have a responsibility to invest in those areas that will have the biggest impact in our future. >> reporter: the president's plan calls for investments in areas like education and research but also aims to slash $1 trillion over the next decade. spending cuts would affect urban development grants to heating assistance for low income families. >> it does more spending, more taxing, more borrowing. >> reporter: the proposal immediately drew criticism from both parties. >> you don't take a meat ax to this economy. and cut things just for the sake of telling the america people you met a certain number. >> reporter: while the battle is beginning, the fight over the current one is far from over. the house begins debate on a controversial bill to cut spending. >> republicans are fighting to save $61 billion from this year's budget to fund the government through the rest of the fiscal year. the g.o.p. argues it would scale back spe
the forecast. >>> president obama addressed some of the nation's business leaders at the chamber of commerce here in washington. the white house and the chamber have had a rocky relationship  for the past two years but the president is trying to patch up that relationship. during his speech, mr. obama proposed changes to the regulatory changes and tax code. two major sticking points with the chamber of commerce. >> antigovernment protestors in egypt are continuing their push to force president hosni mubarak out of power. another mass rally is set for today. judicial officials will begin questioning three former ministers and a senior ruling party official who were dismissed by mubarak last week. they're all accused of corruption there. >>> wikileaks founder julian assange said documents regarding human rights abuses and corruption in egypt have been released on his web site now. while during an interview with italian tv, he encouraged americans to continue to donate to wikileaks. this as his lawyers work to keep him in london. he's expsed to be extradited to sweden on rape charges soon. as
. some areas may get up to two feet of snow followed by bitter cold temperatures. >>> president obama is urging egypt's president to immediately begin transitioning the country to a new leadership. president's comments came after egyptian president hosni mubarak announced he would step down when his term expires in september. egyptians fed up with government cor ruption demanding mubarak leave right now. >> charlotte, north carolina, has been selected to host the 2012 democratic convention. the queen city beat out st. louis, minneapolis, st. paul and cleveland to be the site where president obama is expected to be nominated for a second term. the event should be a big boost for the charlotte economy. >>> today is the day. news corp. is going to unveil the first ipad only newspaper. ceo rupert murdoch will reveal the daily today. it will cover general news, culture, entertainment and videos on it. still no word on how much readers will be charged for it though. >>> a tax proposal supported by the green movement is killed in the commonwealth. >>> and bug experts converge on the district
officers the two americans were law enforcement officers. >>> the budget battle between president obama and house republicans is heating up. g.o.p. leaders are trying to cut funding for the consumer financial protection bureau. the newly created agency is designed to protect consumer who have mortgages, credit cards or use other financial services. this is the latest move by g.o.p. leaders to slash the president's 12 budget proposal. president obama has threatened to veto any bill which could cut any part of his budget. >>> virginia congressman jerry conley hopes the senate will take up the issue of funding for metro transit. tuesday, the house killed an amendment conley proposed that would have restored $150 million for metro. connelly says it makes no sense for lawmakers to neglect their transportation system so important to the federal government. >> all of the 12 million tourists, the entire federal government, 40% of the entire federal work force uses metro every day to get to work. the biggest beneficiary, frankly, of the metro system in metropolitan washington is the federal gove
the men were neighbors. >>> president obama is threatening to veto a g.o.p. spending bill if it makes it to his desk. the measure would chop $61 billion from this year's budget and would affect, if it passes, domestic programs ranging from education and science to agriculture and parks. house republicans are hoping to pass the measure by the end of the week. however, it will likely hit a dead end in the democratic- controlled senate. >> 17 military veterans have filed a class action lawsuit after they claim they were sexually abused and raped by their colleagues. the lawsuit includes disturbing details about gang rapes, retaliation against victims and even case where is attacks videotaped the sex assaults. she said she was raped by one of her superiors in the coastguard. when she reported it, she was ostracized. >> the military world, they are protected, they are recycled back into the system. they can hurt, beat, rape, men and women and it is ok. and we are the ones who get discharged. >> the department of defense says more than 2600 service members reported being sexually assaulted
. >> reporter: in his weekly radio address president obama urged lawmakers to act fast. >> for the sake of our people and our economy we cannot allow gridlock to prevail. >> reporter: still, many worry a deal to avoid a shutdown could just leave lawmakers in the same place two weeks from now. susan mcguinness for cbs news, washington. >>> thousands of federal workers won't get paid if there's a shutdown. however, the very people who will determine if a shutdown happens at all, meaning members of congress, they will continue to receive their paychecks, because they are considered essential employees. for more on the countdown to shutdown, check our new special section on it's all about the impact it could have on our region. >>> our breath-alyzers used in the district, are they accurate? the dc council member phil mendelson says it's time to find out. the machines used by dc police came under some severe scrutiny when it was revealed that some of them have not been providing accurate readings. in fact, several convictions were overturned because of the problem. >>> more aid for publi
. >>> a version of president obama's dream act may actually be coming to maryland soon. the new legislation would allow kids illegal immigrants to pay in state tuition for college. state senator victor ramirez says students should not be penalized for their parent's choices. he proposes that students who attend two years of high school in maryland and have parents who pay at least one year of state income taxes, they should get the discounted tuition. opponents, however, of the measure argue it will create too many breaks for illegals. >> the virginia house has overwhelmingly approved a bill which would require some insurance plans to cover treatment for autistic children. the measure applies to employer group insurance plans. it limits benefits to $35,000 a year behavior analysis. parents of children with autism have lobbied the general assembly unsuccessfully trying to get a coverage mandate. >>> to madison, wisconsin and the fight over union rights. the state senate will try again to take up a republican-backed measure that is aimed at easing the state's budget crunch. about 25,000 people pack
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13